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All of the work listed on my website is handmade by me. There are often imperfections in handmade objects, such as rough edges or tiny flaws. I often discount a piece when the flaw bothers me or is really noticeable. My work has a ton of detail as I hand cut and hand pattern each applique on to the work. Please keep that in mind as the price reflects the work I put into each object. My planters all rock back and forth a bit due to making them stand on 4 legs instead of 3! I feel these are still great even in their wonkiness. 

Shop is listed in Canadian dollars. Within Canada I collect taxes and this will be added at check out. 

Pick up at my home studio is free. Please use this option at check out. I live in Hull, QC. 

Shipping: I ship 2-3 business days from purchase via Canada Post from Quebec, Canada. I add tracking to every order. I ship to the US and sometimes internationally. USA shipping cost about 22.00 to 40.00 CAD and international is between 40-60.00 CAD. 

How to care for the functional work: Please hand wash. Do not use the small dishes as soap dishes, as the soap residue eventually strips the gold patina off. The gold luster applied is very delicate. Over time the gold will fade and or rub off completely depending how often the item is washed and touched. I wish the gold was more permanent on the surface of the pots, but it is pretty delicate. Think of the gold as a temporary sparkle bling and enjoy its temporal state. 

Do not microwave as most of my cups and plates have gold details.

If a piece goes through the dishwasher, don't panic! But after a few washes in the dishwasher the gold details will fade faster. 

If your piece becomes stained on the bottom you can scrub out discoloration by using waterproof sand paper and sand with water. 

Returns: All sales are final. If a piece is damaged via shipping please email me and take a photo of the box/items for me to file a claim with the Post Office. We can discuss what I can do next so that you feel happy with your purchase!

Custom orders: I am not taking custom orders at this time.

email me anytime! villarrealceramcis@gmail.com